Industrial Process News Engineering Consultancy Company of the Month

We recently featured in Industrial Process News as the Engineering Consultancy Company of the Month.  Read on to see what they had to say about us.


275 Combined Years of Cross-Sector Engineering Project Management

With more than 275 combined years of engineering experience, FEG Global is a specialist engineering consultancy delivering cross-sector CAPEX project management and environmental technology services. Known as a global powerhouse, the company focuses on areas of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paper and tissue, nuclear, chemical, and automotive industries.

For many years, FEG Global has supported and innovated the industry working on multi-million-pound projects for some of the biggest brands in manufacturing such as McVities, Weetabix, General Mills and Kimberly-Clark. In all of its activities and actions, FEG Global aims to provide impartial and appropriate solutions that best represent its clients’ interests.

Diverse Services across CAPEX Project Management, Ventilation, Odour Abatement and Dust Extraction

FEG Global believe that diversity within the industry is conclusive to success, therefore, its environmental technology services cover a wide range of industries, which allow them to offer design consultation and turnkey projects in dust extraction, filtration, heat recovery, environmental surveys, and odour abatement.

 Its project management capabilities serve the purpose of delivering projects to solve the initial problem on time and on budget. Providing services from initial feasibility and design, EPCM, CDM, principal contracting to turnkey projects, the FEG Global team operates as a whole across these two separate divisions.

Established in 2004, FEG Global was founded by now Managing Director, Chris Williams. With a core team of engineering experts, the company reached its first milestone when it partnered with Kimberly-Clark on its first turnkey project. This partnership helped set the company on an upwards path of offering clients complete accountability and responsibility. Headquartered in Washington, UK, FEG Global also has offices in Birmingham and Glasgow, and more recently opened its first legal entity in Belgium.

James Roberts
Project Technician
Stuart Turnbull
Project Director
Akhil Surendran
Senior Project Engineer
Vidula Sarathchandra
Project Application Engineer
Grace Williams
Renna Mubarak-Drayner
Craig Gardiner
Senior Engineer
Ian Savage
Chris Stoddart
Senior Engineering Manager

Patent-pending Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber Development

In recent product development, FEG Global has designed and developed its own unique odour abatement scrubber solution, the Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber (LGC). Recently patented, the LGC was designed to solve tricky food odour control issues. The LGC uses a scrubbing solution to remove unwanted particulates from a gas stream and features a flexible and modular multi-stage design that allows FEG Global to tailor it to suit customer requirements.

Specifically useful for the food industry, odour and oil mist emissions from applications such as frying, cooking, coating and seasoning can cause major problems and lead to complaints to Environmental Health. The unique design of the scrubber ensures a practical, low maintenance solution which delivers compliance with the requirements of Best Available Techniques. Suitable for internal or external installations, the scrubber provides a fire barrier that is accepted by insurance companies. Other benefits include a recirculation of liquor that reduces costs and lowers environmental footprint, as well as tackling legionella, the LGC incorporates a CIP system and involves no cleaning of ducts after the scrubber.

plant design engineers

Digital & Automation Focus

Deemed as key workers, FEG Global was able to continue operating during COVID-19, and business continued as normal. The company noticed a digital evolution which propelled interest from pharmaceutical and life science industries. The company has also witnessed an interest from manufacturers within the food industry looking for more sustainable and automated technology to help reduce their overall energy consumption. FEG Global has been able to help these manufacturers reach their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. 

In the future FEG Global plans to continue growing within Europe, and provide further solutions for the food and beverage sectors.