Waste heat to energy, clean electricity from your industrial steam process, cost effective energy recovery from wet steam.

FEG are working with Heliex Power, a clean-tech pioneering a technology to supply and install systems to generate electrical power using waste steam from industrial processes.

Heliex intends to be the World’s leader in steam screw expanders and their applications in the recovery of energy from industrial processes. The core technology is a novel rotary screw expander which recovers low grade energy from steam and uses it to generate electricity. In some applications power can be generated where previously there was no economically viable opportunity to do so due to the temperature and wet steam conditions, for example from combustion engines and industrial furnace exhaust gas.

The technology is also relevant to electricity generation in steam pressure let down systems, energy recovery indirectly in geothermal applications with high pressure and temperature water and intermediate/bottoming energy recovery from steam cycles.