FEG Ltd are specialists in design & build, project management and consultancy for industrial, manufacturing and process industries. Sustainability is one of FEG’s key disciplines and the company are focussing on the recovery of energy from waste heat using a novel technology from Heliex.

Chris William, Managing Director at FEG said: “Sustainability is now part of an organisations strategic planning. Energy is expensive but in industries that generate heat as part of their everyday processes re-use of waste heat is often not possible, therefore, energy or heat recovery to generate electricity can significantly improve efficiency and profitability.”

Chris explains: “The patented Heliex Waste Heat to Energy system is well established using rotary screw technology and can be applied in many process’ that produce waste heat or directly in steam systems including fully saturated steam. This gives us scope for applications in a wide range of industrial and process industries including: Electricity Generation, Petrochemical Industries, Glass & Refractories, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Brewing & Distilling, Paper Production, Biomass and Land Fill Gas Engines. This is not an exhaustive list and industrial diesel engines and gas turbines, combined heat and power systems, geothermal power stations and processes utilising steam pressure reduction valves can all improve their energy economics by utilising Heliex technology.”

“Heliex uses well proven rotate screw technology, conventionally used in the production of compressed air, developed and patented for expansion. Using this twin rotary screw principle, Heliex Expanders can use the pressure reduction step in steam distribution circuits to generate clean electricity. Heliex Expanders work where turbines cannot because they can process wet steam. This technology eliminates timing gears and other costly components without the use of use refrigerants whilst generating electricity at 50 or 60Hz.”

Chris Williams points to the benefits of the Heliex Waste Heat to Energy saying: “Heliex is a simpler and a more robust technology than conventional turbines with fewer parts, lower speeds and is not sensitive to steam quality. Systems have low maintenance costs. There is minimum production interruption during installation. The system has a very low maintenance requirement with low cost of ownership and offer sensible paybacks that are not dependent on incentives to be viable. In certain circumstances further benefits of CO2 emission credit allowances and incentives are available under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme where applicable.”

FEG’s expert engineering team offer a complete service for the design, supply and installation of systems which are fully integrated with any existing boiler, steam supply or flue extraction system. Continuity of production is achieved by running an energy recovery system in parallel with the existing systems, effectively resulting in a  ‘duty/standby’ arrangement.

FEG’s sustainable energy and heat recovery solutions include: Waste to Energy Systems in Biomass & Anaerobic Digestion, Heat Recovery Systems, Energy Efficiency and Reduction, Process Design, Heat Wheels & Absorption Technology and Heat Stratification.

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