Sustainability by recovering waste heat and converting it to useable energy is one of FEG’s speciality problem solving disciplines. With the cost of energy for heating industrial and manufacturing processes so high it is absolutely necessary that as much reusable energy is recovered as possible.

FEG offer a range of Waste Heat Recovery solutions using innovative sustainable energy and heat recovery technologies. When correctly designed and installed, these will ensure genuine economic advantages immediately and provide a sustainable supply of energy for future use.

Waste Heat Recovery from the following common sources often presents opportunities for cost effective heat recovery:

  • Ventilation System Extracts
  • Boiler Flue Gases
  • Boiler Blowdown
  • Air Compressors
  • Refrigeration Plant
  • High Temperature Exhaust Gas Streams From Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens and Dryers
  • Hot Liquid Effluents
  • Power Generation Plant
  • Process Plant Cooling Systems

FEG provide consultancy to industrial, engineering and manufacturing companies as well as those in Food Processing, Electricity Generation, Petrochemical Industries, Glass & Refractories, Pharmaceuticals, Brewing & Distilling, Paper Production, Biomass and Land Fill Gas Engines.

FEG Sustainable Energy and Waste Heat Recovery solutions include:

  • Heliex Waste Heat to Energy
  • Waste to Energy Systems (Biomass & Anaerobic Digestion)
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Energy Efficiency and Reduction
  • Process Design
  • Heat Wheels & Absorption Technology
  • Rankine Cycle
  • Heat Stratification

FEG will also design, supply and install Sustainable Energy and Waste Heat Recovery solutions for all heat sources, heating/cooling systems, ventilation systems and installed energy sources.

For more information about Waste Heat Recovery, please contact us.