As part of an overall site waste reduction exercise, there was a requirement at a UK Biscuit Manufacturing Plant to upgrade the recycling area by refurbishing the larger of the two food recycling compactors, disposing of the general waste unit and converting the small food unit into a general waste compactor.

After carrying out a feasibility study, FEG decided that the smaller food unit was not suitable for it’s new job and a new refurbished unit was sourced for the plant.

The fixed access platform to the compactor area which connected the factory to the compactors needed upgrading to prevent waste materials falling through the grates to underneath, making it very difficult to maintain an hygienically acceptable area. This metal, punched hole platform was replaced with a concrete block wall and in filled with rubble an capped with concrete. The metal frame and cladding was redesigned and refurbished where necessary and reinstated together with appropriate safety rails and concrete staircase for access. The skip / waste trailer deck area was renewed and upgraded with guides & buffers installed. A new visual barrier was erected to improve the view to the neighbours.

FEG have many years of combined experience and expertise in both project engineering and project management. On this project FEG helped the Biscuit Manufacturer providing project management ensuring that this project was to time, cost and quality.

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