Automation Design & Programming

Production, manufacturing and warehouse automation solutions, from concept to commissioning. 

From MES system architecture to smart manufacturing solutions, each factory or warehouse automation project is unique and we take a bespoke approach to fulfil your goals. Industry 4.0 initiatives can provide clear competitive advantage but often existing system networks and processes can force bottlenecks that create only silos of digitalisation. We can dissect your machine-to-machine and machine-to-enterprise communications to create solutions that work across your full design-to-operate lifecycle.

Concept & Feasibility

Our in-house ECI (Electrical, Control and Instrumentation) engineering team will discuss your requirements to gain a full understanding of your project.

We’ll need to understand how your current set-up works, the equipment you’re using and how your automated system needs to communicate between system parts. For example, you may already have several machines from different manufacturers and simply require a conveyor system to link them. When necessary, we’ll liaise with third party equipment suppliers to understand how their equipment could integrate.

Our goals at this stage involve identifying your critical success factors and available resources:

  • Project aims
  • Timescales, budgets and requirements
  • Existing equipment manufacturers
  • Equipment requirements
  • Supplier liaison
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We also supply qualified and time-served Engineering Project Managers and Project Engineers on a project-needs basis, specific to your sector.

System Design

At this stage we’ll get to know your project inside out to ensure we have the information we need to design your system. Our team of engineers will develop drawings, modelling and visualisations where required to bring your system automation to life.

  • Control panel requirements (if applicable)
  • Project management requirements
  • Control system functionality
  • Electrical and air supply needs
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Control Panel Design

If required, at this stage we will design the control panel for your new system.

  • Control panel requirements
  • Power supply
  • Automation requirements
  • Functionality
  • Control panel upgrade


Programming and Set-up of PLC/SCADA

Our in-house team will program the system software to your requirements, linking to existing SCADA systems where needed for full factory or warehouse automation success.

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functionality
  • SCADA linking
  • Remote access capabilities
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Installation and On-site Commissioning

Once the control panel is built we will install each system component, including machinery, conveyors, electricity and air supplies, cabling and signal equipment. Our team will make sure everything is working as it should and signals are correctly set up.

  • Equipment placement and installation
  • Cabling
  • Electrical supply
  • Air supply
  • Checking and verification

Support & Aftercare 

We offer ongoing factory support packages giving you peace of mind that any issues will be resolved quickly and with minimal downtime.

We can set up your system with secure remote data access, allowing us to login and troubleshoot issues without the expense of getting an engineer to site.

Where required, we can provide this service through a data SIM card, avoiding the need for the system to be linked to your wider network, which may be a security concern.

Our Factory & Warehouse Automation Design Services include:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES systems)
  • Warehouse automation
  • Control panel design and build
  • Automation design engineering
  • Automated warehouse solutions
  • Robotic warehouse system
  • MES system architecture
  • SCADA system architecture
  • Smart manufacturing solutions
  • Industry 4.0 project management services
  • System automation engineering services
  • System automation engineering consultancy
  • Control & automation services
  • Turnkey automation solutions
  • Process Control & SCADA
  • MES Manufacturing Execution System for batch and hybrid processes
  • Automated batch processing
  • Optimal process automation
  • Mechanical handling automation
  • Automation vs. people reviews
  • Warehouse management system interfaces
  • Warehouse Management system (WMS)
    industry 4.0 project management
  • Recipe management software and systems
  • Recipe management system supplier

Associated Services

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