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Odour control system design, build and installation services, delivered by our expert in-house team.

From consultation to full turnkey project delivery, our expertise in odour abatement is globally recognised. Clients such as Essentia Proteins and Whitby Seafoods trust our cradle-to-grave approach in designing, specifying, installing and maintaining their odour control system. Our in-house team of chemical and mechanical engineers work seamlessly to develop integrated solutions to odour problems across multiple countries and sectors. 

We approached FEG to provide a solution for the reduction of exhaust odour from a new fryer installation and from the initial discussions, through to the design work, final installation and commissioning we have been impressed by knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism shown by all members of the FEG team in meeting our needs.

Engineering Manager, Whitby Seafoods

The problem of industrial odour

Production processes sites such as food factories and chemical plants generate odours offensive to both workers and local communities. 

Various compounds, generated by a wide range of processes, can cause offensive odours. Ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulphides, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, mercaptans and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are all known odour-generating contaminants, often requiring individual solutions for removal.

Odour is classed as a pollutant and consistent exposure can bring complaints, harming brand reputation in the process. Involvement of environmental health authorities and non-compliance of EPA and IPPC regulations can bring about production restrictions, fines and even closure notices. You can read more about what the Environment Agency says about industrial odour control here.

Odour can be a complex problem to solve, with a range of solutions available depending on the root cause of the problem. 

Read our guide to industrial odour control for more information about the causes and solutions of odour issues in production environments.

odour control system

The FEG Liquid Contact Gas (LCG) Scrubber

We couldn’t find a gas scrubber that did everything we wanted it to – so we built our own. 

One size does not fit all – that’s why we designed our own flexible and modular odour control system for food frying smells.

Odour issues are usually difficult to solve as they involve a mix of sticky particulate, various compounds, temperature, and variable processes.

Our liquid contact gas scrubber includes the following features:

  • Chemical scrubbing
  • Wet particulate scrubbing
  • Gas scrubbing (activated carbon)
  • Fire barrier
  • Fine filtration
  • Legionella Control
  • Secure remote login
Featured Project
Acridity issue in seafood frying factory

This seafood manufacturer needed a system that solved the issue of residential complaints due to acridity from the high temperatures and oil mists caused by the production process.

Bespoke odour abatement systems, unique to each problem

In our experience, odour issues are usually caused by a combination of sticky particulate, water and gas. Removal of all three requires a multi-faceted approach. At FEG, we won’t just install a scrubber and walk away. Instead, we’ll design and build a bespoke odour control system that removes all three in an order that works. 

Our in-house team of chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers understand the right combination of odour abatement solutions to build a system that goes beyond your legal, safety and environmental requirements. 

We can design and supply a full odour abatement system that includes not only the scrubber but incorporates all required pipework, pumps, chemical dosing and storage systems, extraction equipment, stack and control panel requirements.

Services and areas of expertise include:

  • Odour management planning
  • Odour & emissions monitoring
  • Airflow dynamics and calculations
  • Sniff testing
  • Meteorological monitoring
  • Odour diaries
  • Biotrickling
  • Air scrubbing systems
  • Photoionisation systems
  • Misting and dosing systems
  • Activated carbon systems
  • Chemical and gas scrubbers
  • Bioscrubbers
  • Biofilters
  • Wet scrubbing systems
  • Commissioning
  • Training, aftersales and maintenance
Featured Project
Solving odour control in complex, high-temperature frying environment

A unique odour problem due to high frying temperatures and aggressive raw products meant that this client had been served formal notice from Environmental Health after residential complaints. 

Odour Control Technology

Wet Scrubbers

Wet scrubbers are a well-recognised solution for odour control and can include single stage or multi-stage scrubbing depending on the contaminants to be removed. Wet scrubbers can incorporate chemical scrubbing, gas scrubbing, chlorine scrubbing, dust scrubbing and particulate scrubbing. In all instances the gas stream containing contaminants is passed through the packed tower scrubber, eliminating the compounds through a chain of liquid absorption and/or chemical reactions. The decontaminated air is then released from the scrubber and the liquid is disposed of safely.

Carbon Adsorption

For situations requiring lower emissions and detectable odour levels, activated carbon can be used to remove specific VOCs and reduce levels further. It can be used as either a stand-along solution or as a “polish” stage alongside a scrubbing tower. The carbon has sponge-like qualities, able to adsorb odours directly from the air stream. Carbon adsorption use should be used cost-effectively as part of a system where possible as the carbon bed can quickly need replacing.

Dry Scrubbers

Although not able to eliminate pollutants as effectively as wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers can still prove a useful solution in situations where wet scrubbing is not possible. Using dry materials (sorbents) they typically remove acid from gas streams.

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