Industrial Ventilation System Design

An effective industrial ventilation system design provides a safe, high-performing environment for your site

Dust, fumes, heat, humidity and other pollutants can create a hazardous environment for your workforce.  Poor product quality, environmental concerns and negative health and wellbeing of employees can all be the result of ineffective ventilation and air condition.  Sectors such as cereals, cement, food, chemicals, life sciences and paper & tissue are particularly impacted due to the by-products and fumes generated during production. 

Proven over 15 years with complex ventilation and filtration challenges

From consultancy to full turnkey packages, our team is proven in the investigation, design, planning, installation and commissioning of bespoke industrial ventilation system design.  Wholly independent of suppliers, clients such as Scottish Power and McVities trust in our objective and insight-led approach.  We believe in solutions that work long-term, covering ventilation, filtration, extraction, heating, cooling or a blend of all (HVAC). 

Our ventilation system design approach is in accordance with the world-leading American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). We work to ISO-9001 standards and we review constantly for energy-saving best practice. Recognised by the HSE, our methodology gives confidence to clients of compliance and effectiveness of our delivery.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation in its most simple terms is the combination of extraction and input of air to manage air conditions. It is the balance of these dynamics that must be carefully considered by our expert team.  Our ventilation system design approach solves the challenge our client is facing without causing others.

Detailed analysis, including environmental surveys and LEV surveys, give us the insight we need to understand your specific requirements. 

Meticulous air flow calculations and the impact of each considered solution are incorporated into all of our design stages, ensuring critical success of the project further down the line. For example, in food production/high-care environments, air input systems must include an element of filtration to ensure no unwanted contaminants enter through the air flow.

We thoroughly study and present solutions to client prior to construction and installation, ensuring consideration not only of initial investment but also ongoing costs linked to serving and maintenance. 

Featured Project
Lakeland Bake

In this project we Ensuring building regulation compliance through ventilation and heat extraction system design

Ventilation Equipment Design, Supply & Installation

We are globally recognised in the supply, installation and turnkey provision of ventilation systems. We are knowledgeable and compliant with all ATEX and DSEAR legislation and work only with world-class equipment manufacturers. Full instrumentation, installation, commissioning and maintenance is part of our core service, with individually-designed control systems available as part of any project. 

Ventilation Design & Build services Include:
  • Fans and fan sets
  • Flow modelling
  • Mechanical, electrical and process design
  • Access and support structure
  • Ductwork design and build
  • Ductwork installation and modification
  • Industrial extraction hoods
  • Industrial Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Airflow design services
  • Factory ventilation systems
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Ventilation systems design and build
  • Ductwork modifications
  • HVAC design services
  • Ventilation systems maintenance and aftercare
  • Bespoke industrial ducting systems
  • Industrial air ventilation systems
  • Ventilation bag filters
  • LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Surveys
  • ATEX/DSEAR Compliance
  • Process industry containment systems
  • Roof Exhaust Fans
  • Air input systems
  • Centrifugal and industrial axial flow fans
  • Airflow testing and commissioning
  • Explosion relief, containment and suppression
Featured Project

Complex ventilation and ductwork installation in clean room and explosive atmosphere.

Heating & Heat Recovery Systems

Maintaining correct temperatures for worker comfort, effective production and storage conditions in production environments can be complex and typically encompasses a combination of ventilation, heating and/or cooling solutions. Our energy-efficient approach to heating systems focuses on best value for both client and the environment. We can design, build and install your heating system as a stand-alone solution or part of an integrated HVAC system, covering a range of radiant, convective, warm air and heat recovery solutions. 

Heat produced through industrial processes and equipment such as air compressors and electrical equipment can create intensely uncomfortable localised areas of production. Dispersing this heat effectively throughout the site as part of a heat recovery system is an environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient method of industrial heating.  We can design both open and closed systems using the twin rotary screw technology of the Heliex Waste to Heat Energy System, which can be applied in any process generated waste heat, including wet steam.

Experience in Heating & Heat Recovery:
  • Warm air and radiant heating systems
    Gas, LPG, oil-fired systems
  • Electric systems
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Heat reclaim systems
  • ATEX/DSEAR compliance
  • Process heating systems
  • Heliex Waste Heat To Energy Systems
  • Thermal stratification systems
  • Control panel design
  • Biomass waste to energy systems
  • Rankine cycle
  • Heat wheels and absorption technology
  • Exhaust gas energy recovery
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Geothermal power sites
  • Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) processes
  • Temperature control units (TCUs)
Featured Project

Heat Stratification and Cooling System to keep the nation in bourbons and custard creams.

Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems

The excess heat generated in many production and manufacturing environments can impact production and create unacceptable working conditions for employees. We design, supply and install bespoke cooling and air conditioning solutions in factories, production facilities, warehouses and large industrial environments. Detailed analysis of worker comfort and air flow allows us to specify the most effective system for your needs, working independently of any particular supplier. With over 275 years of combined experience, our engineering team work quickly to test, install and commission your system with minimal disruption to production.  Automation and control panel design is part of our core service offering.

Our experience covers:
  • Process cooling systems
  • Industrial evaporative cooling systems
  • Direct expansion systems
  • Forced air coolers
  • Packing and storage temperature control
  • Radiant cooling systems
  • Refrigerant and chilled water cooling
  • Absorption chillers
  • Specialist humidity applications
  • Chilled water systems
  • Vacuum cooling machines
  • Factory cooling equipment
  • Single split systems
  • Multi split systems
  • Chillers
  • Package units
  • Direct expansion cooling systems
  • VRV/VRF (variable refrigerant volume/flow)
  • Close control system

Associated Services

Our experience in heating and industrial ventilation systems complements a range of integrated and related services in air handling and pollution control.

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