Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber

We couldn’t find a gas scrubber that did everything we wanted it to – so we built our own.

FEG’s patent-pending Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber (LGC) was designed to solve tricky food odour control issues.

Odour issues are usually difficult to solve as they involve a mix of sticky particulate, multiple compounds, temperature, and variable processes. The FEG Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber scrubs the oil mist and the odour/acridity emissions, removing odour.

Our practical and effective solution to odour control delivers compliance with the requirements of BAT (Best Available Technique) and can be controlled via a simple-to-use interface with remote data logging functionality.

gas scrubber

How does a gas scrubber work?

In the simplest terms, a gas scrubber uses a scrubbing solution (such as water) to remove unwanted particulates from a gas stream.

The type of gas scrubber required depends on the particulate. For example, water-soluble gases such as hydrochloric acid (HCI) or ammonia (NH3) can be removed using a wet scrubber. Wet scrubbers work by accelerating the gas stream into high density spray which separates the particles. In contrast, a dry gas scrubber uses very little or no moisture and instead works by introducing a gas sorbent (alkaline) material into the gas stream.

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Featured Project
Acridity issue in seafood frying factory

This seafood manufacturer needed a system that solved the issue of residential complaints due to acridity from the high temperatures and oil mists caused by the production process.

One size does not fit all

We are firm believers in taking a bespoke approach – and our attitude to your odour abatement system is no different.

The LGC scrubber features a flexible and modular multi-stage design, allowing us to tailor it to suit your requirements. 


Functionality includes:

  • Fire barrier – accepted by insurance companies
  • Legionella control
  • Clean ducts after scrubber
  • Wet particulate scrubber
  • Fine filtration
  • Gas scrubbing – activated carbon

Industry 4.0 compatibility

Our Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber includes full industry 4.0 functionality, making getting a complete picture of your operation easier than ever.

A simple interface makes it easy for operators, engineers and managers to view data, monitor trends and identify issues at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world via secure remote data login.

An effective tool for engineers, remote troubleshooting makes it quicker and easier for issues to be identified and resolved quickly – minimising downtime and saving you money.

  • HDMI sceen data
  • Data collection
  • Remote login support
  • Secure data transfer
  • Real time data
  • Monitor trends
  • Immediate engineer support
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Featured Project
Solving odour control in complex, high-temperature frying environment

A unique odour problem due to high frying temperatures and aggressive raw products meant that this client had been served formal notice from Environmental Health after residential complaints. 

Specialists in odour control
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