Conveyor System Design and Supply

Conveyor system design and supply for increased production efficiency  

Automating the movement of goods/materials can improve outputs, reduce manual handling, increase space and lower operational costs. Even in relatively short timescales, conveyor projects can give excellent return on investment and are easily measured through recognised production KPIs

conveyor system design and supply

Over 15 years in conveyor system design, supply and installation

Unlike direct equipment suppliers, our time-served engineering team are wholly independent, assuring our clients of objective and bespoke solutions.

We carry the core of our engineering skills in-house. Our mechanical, process and electrical engineers bring  theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience in food, warehousing, automotive and metallurgy. A combined 275 years in material handling, including clean, low-care and high-care environments, means we can specify the right conveyor solution for even your most complex challenges, covering standard, turnkey and individually-tailored solutions.

Featured Project
2 Sisters: Dynamic Weighing Conveyors

Varying product flow and infeed points required a flexible system with accurate monitoring and logging.

Designed in conjunction with local engineering company FEG, this project is the culmination of a year’s work in finding the right partner through to delivery and installation.

Bringing your requirements to life through meticulous analysis and design

Conveyor system design can be complex. They must often integrate into existing factory processes and the scale of installation can be considerable.

Our team work first to understand the challenge your conveyor system must solve, liaising closely with your team to identify requirements and KPIs such as load capacities, product flows, existing processes and desired throughputs. In-depth site evaluations bring important discoveries such as:

  • Space constraints
  • Site environment considerations such as hazards (e.g. explosive atmospheres), humidity and temperature
  • Any cross-contamination issues
  • Required existing equipment integration to your finished design.
  • The material to be transported must also be fully understood; its size, composition (e.g. dust or flakes) ability to flow, humidity, flammability and required temperature all impact end design.
  • How the product must be moved e.g. continuous or in batches

2D/3D CAD drawings, models and simulations can all be produced by our design team at this stage to finalise specifications and move to detailed engineering in preparation for build and installation. Conveyor pick-up points, drop-off points and feeders are all also considered at this stage, as well as any safety considerations for those that will be working with the conveyor.

From supplying a single conveyor to a full turnkey system installation, we will deliver the right conveyor solution to you.

Our experience covers all areas of conveyors and ancillary equipment including:
  • Flow wrappers
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Overhead conveyors
  • Vertical elevators
  • Check weighers
  • Filling machines
  • Shrink wrap machines
  • Bucket conveyors
  • Mezzanines
  • Cleats
  • Flat belt conveyor design
  • Chain-driven roller conveyors
  • Conductive belts
  • Vibrating conveyors
  • High friction belting
  • Coding systems
  • Zero pressure roller conveyors
  • Order picking systems
  • Apron conveyors
  • Drag/chain/tow conveyors
  • Static control brushes
  • Buckets
  • Ball transfer conveyors
  • Hygienic conveyor design
  • Slat conveyors
  • Roller conveyors
  • Lineshaft roller conveyors
  • Diverter conveyors
  • Plastic chain conveyors
  • Filling machines
  • Outfeed and infeed conveyors
  • Gate sections
  • Flexible conveyors
  • Stainless steel slat conveyors
  • Pop-out rollers
  • Fillers
  • Labellers
  • Slap bands
  • Sortation conveyors
  • Walking beam conveyors
  • Powered rollers
  • Pipe conveyor design
  • Vacuum conveyors
  • Magnetic conveyors
  • Spiral elevators
  • Chute conveyors
  • Backstopping brakes
  • Control panels
  • Screw/auger conveyors
  • Full system design including curves, transitions, dividers, merges etc.

Peace of Mind in Expert Installation & Aftercare

We bring highly-qualified, trained engineers to your project installation, whether a single conveyor or a full turnkey solution. Our mechanical, process and electrical engineers are focused on safety and accuracy, minimising down-time and interruption to production. A vertical start-up approach and comprehensive design means accurate installation with no hidden surprises.

All health and safety considerations, including RAMs, are carefully managed and we are experienced CDM duty holders accustomed to working at Principal Contractor level of responsibility.

All testing, commissioning and verification can be included as part of the project. Once we leave site you know that your conveyor system is fully approved and functioning as it should be.  

When required we can provide full maintenance and aftercare, with annual servicing, on-site repair and replacements all part of the service. 

In-House Control Panel Design & Programming

We have our own FEG ECI (Electrical, Control & Instrumentation) Engineers and can provide a custom-built control panel to your requirements, linking to existing SCADA systems and with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functionality. We use reliable suppliers, including Siemens and Mitsubishi, and our team cover everything from placement, installation, electrical and air supply, checking and verification.

Featured Project
Country Style Foods: Pizza Conveyor

Maximising existing equipment for absolute cost efficiency and performance.

Conveyor System Design and Supply
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We offer a range of engineering services related to conveyor systems and other functions of factory and warehouse production as part of our full-service engineering provision.