Feasibility & Concept Design Engineering

Bringing you the clarity and data to turn business aims into project decisions.

Through concept design engineering we develop accurate costs, data and models to bring confidence to this crucial project decision-making stage. Our aim is to create a solid foundation for future design and investment stages through clear project definition and options for progression.

Feasibility Studies

What do you want to achieve?  What are the options available to you? 

Feasibility isn’t about ideas, it’s about numbers.  A good feasibility study starts with what the client wants to achieve.  We use this information to define project user requirements and critical success factors, giving clear direction to the project scope.

We believe in a vertical start-up approach to concept design engineering, where detailed investigation is front-loaded to remove more costly revisions at implementation stage.  

We carefully audit the options available to facilitate the project, from existing equipment/technology to potential investment opportunities, working using proven engineering principles to assess all possible solutions.

Our engineers bring not only theoretical knowledge but time-served experience, identifying risks/challenges and quantifying benefits of each solution from economic, operational, technical and safety perspectives.  

I liked the way FEG came across - they said ‘this is what we plan to do’ and it was much more than I expected.

Concept Design Engineering

Adding life and visualisation to your project solutions

Options for project delivery are expertly developed and considered at this stage. Using engineering modelling techniques, drawings, 3D visualisation and plans we are able to produce models of solutions for critical evaluation using the success criteria (CVQ) identified during feasibility stage.

Cost & time estimates, outline specifications, procurement/supplier details are all supplied in concept design reports, with challenges, risks and benefits of each option clearly presented.

Applying best value methodology, our team will help you calculate the potential success and viability of each project solution, with preferred options for investigation at FEED and detailed design stage. At this point we can also develop any outline or detailed planning applications required as part of the project.

We can make your solutions come alive at concept design engineering stage using digital twinning and 3D visualisation. This methodology creates digital models of your existing and potential solutions, helping your project team understand and test prototypes before investment in materials and time to create physical versions.

Confidentiality is a given, our clients value our sensitive handling of the potential impacts identified within this stage of design.

Typical Services and Outputs at this Stage:

  • Plant layouts
  • Factory & assembly layout planning
  • 2D/3D modelling & virtual mapping
  • Drawings
  • Front end capture
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Digital twinning
  • Discrete Event Simulation (DES)
  • Asset tracking
  • Scoping and cost projections
  • Regression Modelling (RM)
  • Vertical start-up approach
  • Digital factory mapping
  • P&IDs
  • Cost and time schedule estimates 
  • OEE measurement
  • Plant Simulations
  • Systematic Layout Planning (SLP)
  • Planning applications (outline and detailed)
  • Concept design report
  • Prototyping
  • Pre-investment studies
  • Preparation and submission of RFQs and environmental permits
  • Equipment & build specifications
  • Materials & supplier plans
Featured Project
Seamless Shift Start for Flour Silos using Immersive Technology

Our client required a seamless transition to a new system for their flour silos.  Using virtual mapping we were able to create a simulated environment for operations and maintenance scenarios.  Training took place remotely on the simulated control panel, thus reducing errors and minimising any production downtime. 

Associated Services

Our feasibility & concept design engineering services form an intrinsic part of our CAPEX or site-level project services.

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