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Specialist design, build, project management, consultancy and plant design services to the paper, pulp and soft disposables sector.

Although operating in a low-margin manufacturing sector, the paper and pulp industry produce large volumes of high-quality materials that need to be repeatedly made to rigorous specifications. Product quality and manufacturing costs are key factors in production facilities and we are trusted by clients such as Kimberly Clark to help with factory efficiency, employee wellbeing and product quality.

FEG engineers and project managers understand that the viability of a technology or product in the paper and pulp industry is dependent upon a client’s operating parameters and demands, therefore suitability will change accordingly from site to site.

Dust Extraction Systems

Dust extraction is a major concern for this industry. We offer a full design, planning, installation and commissioning service for air pollution control and ventilation, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution from contaminant source to safe and efficient extraction. This includes Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems that have an effective hood design, ductwork systems and heat recovery and recirculation systems.

Featured Project

This major toilet tissue manufacturer was experiencing fugitive dust issues and approached us due to our expertise in wet scrubber systems and tissue dust. Our survey process identified the cause as a change in production needs and we designed an alternative system in line with their ATEX/DSEAR requirements

Waste-to-Heat Recovery Systems

Production processes in this industry incorporate the use of large amounts of both water and energy to produce heat and steam. Efficient use of the waste energy from this process is an excellent way of creating cost efficiency within the facility. We offer a full plant design, build and installation service of waste-to-heat recovery systems that convert this waste efficiently into re-useable heat and electricity.

We offer a full plant design and build service across equipment, line and factory builds and extensions.  Our services include:

Experts in HVAC services we can solve temperature and air flow challenges across a variety of sites and factories, including clean and hygienic environments.

Dust extraction system design is a core part of our service offering.  We can help solve your dust problem through our proven and certified engineering team.

For all OPEX, CAPEX and site-level projects, we provide a full cradle-to-grave service from concept to commissioning.

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Our qualified engineers deliver a range of services to the Paper & Tissue industry, including full turnkey plant design and build.