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We offer key services for the management of CAPEX and site-level projects in the meat and poultry industry, from feasibility to handover.

meat plant design and build

Flexible & Sustainable Meat Plant Design & Build

The meat and poultry processing industry must comply with strict legislation and food safety, traceability, hygiene, quality, labelling and composition regulations. Production facilities must therefore be of the highest standard to comply with BRC, TFMS and Environment Agency legislation.

Our clients face stiff competition from overseas production facilities that are often cheaper to run and staff, while wider topics like minimum wage can have a significant impact on profitability. This ever-changing sector is at the forefront of uncertainty surrounding increased export costs and loss of EU subsidies post-Brexit, meaning adaptability of production facilities is ever-critical.

From concept and feasibility studies through to final commissioning and handover, we will deliver your entire project life-cycle, providing sustainable solutions for your current and future business needs.

As consumer eating habits change and the industry experiences increased lobbying from vegan, meat-free and environmental groups, an efficient operation that runs as cost-effectively and flexibly as possible is essential for survival.

Our experienced team has worked on multi-million pound projects for clients in this sector including Essentia Proteins and Calder Foods.
Featured Project
Essentia Proteins Scrubber

This client needed a long-term and cost-effective solution to odour control.

We are experienced in HVAC requirements in the meat and poultry industry, covering heating, ventilation and air cooling design and build solutions.

Our experience in odour control is extensive, including our patent-pending odour scrubber developed specifically for high-temperature frying environments.

Poultry & Meat Plant Design and Build Services include:

Specific Equipment & Process Experience:

  • Bowl choppers
  • Mincers
  • Depositors
  • Multi weigh head machine
  • Weighing machinery
  • Butchery equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Packing machines
  • Slaughter process machinery
  • Evisceration and offal removal
  • Carcass splitters
  • Primal butchery process
  • Fifth quarter
  • Offal plate freezing
  • Retail butchery lines
  • Retail packing lines
  • End of line automation
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Our meat plant design and build services form part of our comprehensive engineering service offering.