Zotefoams PLC Factory 2: Ventilation System Design & Installation

Zotefoams PLC

Project Summary

A fully designed and installed ventilation system, driven by an automated smart control panel, allowed our client to enhance worker comfort and wellbeing in their production environment.


Client Requirements

Our client produces a range of foam sheets, the processes for which generate high levels of heat within the production environment.  Worker welfare was a priority for the client and it was important that a solution was found to deal with the heat outputs and potential elevated temperatures within the factory.


Client Actions

Our expert ventilation team were tasked with the full design and installation of an appropriate ventilation system.


The solution included:

  • A system of 10 roof extraction fans to remove the heat generated from the extruders
  • A larger, fresh air fan with accompanying duct system, that would work to provide fresh air for the factory – with a focus on people-occupied working areas of the internal environment
  • A smart control panel that allows for system automation – dependent on factors such as inside temperature and external climate changes


Our team worked within strict space & time limitations and coordinated with various other services to ensure that the system was installed on time and to budget.  Given the nature of the 24-hour factory environment, it was essential that we were able to work quickly and accurately, sometimes even during active production times with minimum disruption.  As a result, all components were pre-assembled in the workshop to minimise the time to be spent on site.


Client Outcome

The project is currently in commission stage and we are looking forward to continued positive feedback from the client throughout the initial use period and beyond.


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