Turnkey cereal cooling conveyor replacement

Silvery Tweed Cereals

Full system design and a turnkey package

We were approached by Silvery Tweed Cereals to replace a cereal cooling conveyor with aims to reduce pre-pack temperatures, reduce floor waste, simplify cleaning and remove the danger of long-term breakdown. The remit for FEG was to undertake a full system design and deliver a turnkey package.

A multi-disciplinary project

Several disciplines were required from product conveying, refrigeration, product cooling, PLC and line control through to dust extraction and filtration whilst complying with ATEX requirements and boundary noise level limits

25% increased production, exceeding client expectations

Silvery Tweed were extremely satisfied with the outcome which exceeded their expectations and they went to press recognising our comprehensive input and stating the benefits were evident immediately after the conveyor was put into service. The benefits included increased output, drastically reduced wastage, improved worker productivity and significant pre-pack temperature reduction. The project has surpassed the savings expected in the project charter.



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