Solving storage capacity issues as Principal Contractor & Designer

PK Foods

Solution required for space constraints hampering production

The client had plans to grow their business but was constrained by storage space, production bottlenecks and chilled and frozen storage capacity. In addition, it was essential production could not be interrupted for major works.

This project is a good example of how project budget or size isn’t everything. In fact, a smaller budget often means a more technically challenging project as factors like time constraints are more keenly felt.

A phased expansion plan for a food factory extension

We worked closely with PK’s directors to develop a five-stage site development plan.

We first undertook a feasibility study to detail the constraints against the plan, this was essential to not only reassure the client but also to satisfy the local authority and investment providers. As a smaller producer, the client didn’t have access to central functions such as procurement and compliance, making it even more important that it was able to trust us to lead on best practice standards and deliver on the objectives.

Next we designed a phased expansion that addressed the issues in order of priority and importantly, could be undertaken as standalone projects over time spreading the financial impact.

This allowed significant enabling works and the phase one build to happen outside the existing production area, minimising disruption.

Phase one works involved extending into an adjacent factory unit and included civil works to the existing floors, drains and dividing walls. It also comprised installation of new lighting, hygienic kerbs and walls, the relocation of existing refrigeration equipment and the supply and installation of a FEG-designed packing conveyor with packing stations and storage trolleys.

20% increase in production output

With our support, the client won approval for the investment, support of the landlord and local authority and have successfully completed phase one of the works.

PK has seen a 20% increase in production output for the same working hours. They have also increased chilled product and packing material storage with improved workflow. This has proved especially important during lockdown, as supermarket orders dramatically increased. Without the new packing line and area it would not have been possible to undertake the work and could have resulted in lost business.

The client praised our effort, collaboration and willingness to share ideas. We were also complimented on our flexibility and commitment to providing a finished project that works, rather than just following the letter of agreed initial scope.

Due to the success of the project, we have been invited to look at phase two.


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