Roof Scheme Consultancy for United Biscuits

United Biscuits (Jacobs)


The existing roof area of the factory, above a number of production ovens, was becoming increasingly difficult to keep weather tight. The roof construction was of a “Northlight” design with extensive use of wired glazing, timber purlins and asbestos under drawn boarding. The brief was to establish a way forward to ensure the weather was kept at bay, the roof slopes became maintainable safely and asbestos in the roof area was to be eliminated. They also needed to replace a flat roof system above another production area which was surrounded by a crumbling parapet wall and a degraded coping system.



FEG advised a revised polycarbonate glazing option to replace the heavy glass. Timber supports and asbestos panels were all recommended to be replaced with cold formed members and polycarbonate sections. Gutters were heavily corroded and recommended to be changed during the renovation. A birdcage scaffold system was designed to protect the ovens below, this allowed production to continue uninterrupted and prevented cross contamination. As well as replacing the flat roof, remedial works to the structural support system were specified by FEG engineers.



All work, which was supervised by the FEG on site engineer, was completed to time and under budget. The polycarbonate glazing gave significant weight saving, which in turn allowed improved sealing and removed the potential risk of falling glazed panels in the area. Following the strengthening works, the replacement flat roof was able to support a new roof mounted cooling plant.

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