PUWER assessment for Food Factory

Food Factory

Following an on-site incident our food production client identified a requirement for up-to-date PUWER assessments.


We quickly worked to identify all assessment requirements before formulating a programme of work for completion.  The allocated team then carried out the PUWER assessments on all work equipment throughout the facility.

This was an ambitious programme of assessment targets within a tight deadline.

Our assessors rose to the challenge and undertook all required assessments, while simultaneously identifying any aspects of the equipment that did not satisfy regulations.

The client was able to ensure that they had met all compliance requirements with a schedule of work for any update requirements.


Chris Williams, Managing Director, said: “The project was completed against a challenging deadline and our team moved quickly and accurately to deliver a successful outcome for the client.”


What are PUWER assessments?

PUWER requires that equipment provided for use in a workplace is suitable and safe to use, as well as being installed and maintained correctly.

When you work with us, you can be sure that all testing, commissioning and verification undertaken complies with PUWER regulations.

Our PUWER assessors can also carry out your required ongoing PUWER inspections, including establishing your asset register, PUWER requirements and planning your PUWER inspection calendar. You have complete reassurance that all of your equipment is correctly inspected with appropriate documentation in the instance of any inspection.


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