Product Density Control System

Sinomine Speciality Fluids

Product Density Control System

An existing customer was manually measuring the output product density from a process machine, then using this to manually adjust a water flow to theprocess to control this density at a desired level. This was something that the operators had a lot of involvement with, especially at the start of the process cycle. The client also wanted to record the volume and temperature of the product outputting the process.



Working in conjunction with the client’s electrical contractor we determined what equipment best suited the application and installed a Coriolis flow meter which could output the three parameters required. This was linked to an existing control PLC and HMI along with the existing water flow meter and automatic control valve and the system programmed to vary the water flow based on an output density setpoint.



The operators have less interaction with the system freeing them up to undertake other duties. The output product density has improved, and less water is being added to each batch of product which then requires less process time during the next phase of the process. The system also records the average density, volume of water added, product temperature and the start and end dates from each batch which is made available through the site’s Scada system.


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