Industrial odour Issue solved for high temperature frying factory environment


essentia odour control ventilation for industrial odour issueA particularly sticky situation due to industrial odour issue 

Our client Essentia came to us after having received an environmental notice for an industrial odour issue from its proteins frying factory.

The site involved a mix of frying and cooking of pig skin and fat and the fat and fat derivatives (inc. ammonia), combined with the water and steam in the cooking process had made for a particularly tricky combination of sticky particulate, fatty droplets and high levels of odour.

A bespoke turnkey system to tackle all elements of the odour problem

Our expert team of engineers developed a bespoke system that comprised of 3 stages.

  • An initial proprietary dynamic wet scrubber to remove the sticky particulate and droplets and, where possible, to aid cooling and condensing within the cooking cycle
  • Filter housing with multi-stage filtration of coalescing and fine filter section to remove the sub-micron components before passing through the activating carbon bank with removable carbon cassettes
  • A final stage of gas scrubbing
  • The turnkey system included roof works, support steelwork, PLC control and drainage
    essentia odour abatement technologies

A successful result for all

The outcome of the project was that the environmental notice was removed and the factory could concentrate on production.

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