Odorous Chemical Gas Solved for R&D Testing Facility at Industrial Equipment Site


A bespoke scrubber solution to fit seamlessly in existing system

We were able to help this industrial equipment manufacturer ensure a compliant and safe environment for their new testing laboratory.  A bespoke scrubber solution was designed to control odours, dissolve chemicals, and fit seamlessly within their existing extraction system.  The final solution was delivered to tight deadlines and to cope with variable conditions of use.

Client Requirements

A North-based industrial equipment supplier was expanding its site to include a small testing laboratory.  The facility was to be used for product testing during client solutions development and had to function across a wide range of scenarios and levels.

Already in place was an extraction system and cyclone to remove the high levels of dust expected within the testing environment.  Our task was to develop an odour control solution that reduced the level of chemicals present in the air and that would work in harmony with this system to ensure a safe environment for testing.

Specifically our solution had to:

  • Cope with a wide variation of unknown testing conditions
  • Purify the air extractant for the lab environment
  • Operate within a range of temperatures and chemical concentrations
  • Be operational within a short time frame
  • Operate in external site conditions



We were able to rely on FEG for a quick and professional service for our odour control solution.  They worked seamlessly within the project for us and delivered to our requirements.”  Project Client

A flexible solution to cope with varying test conditions

Our patented FEG liquid gas contact scrubber was the obvious starting point of our solution. With a flexible and modular multi-stage design, we were confident of accommodating the specific requirements of our client.

We were able to amend the design of our scrubber to include an increased cone shape at the bottom drain to allow for increased water capacity and potential sludge.  This ensure easier collection of sludge at the bottom for the higher levels of dust anticipated within the air.

The biggest challenge on this project was developing a solution that could cope with the wide variability of testing conditions.  In response we developed the scrubber to handle edge case scenarios of temperatures, chemical concentration levels and PH levels, using the most sensitive and reliable sensor specifications available.

The tight deadlines on this project meant a 2-phase delivery and installation, where the majority of structure and components were initially installed before following up with sensor installation due to longer lead times on these components.  The full system was specified, designed and installed within 3 months.


Following installation we were able to complete full testing and commissioning of the scrubber and ensure the solution would work within regulations.

Due to the flexible nature of the FEG liquid gas contact scrubber, our design also incorporated space for installation of further filters should testing conditions include increased fats or chemicals.

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