Helping Andrex solve a fugitive dust issue


Background dust issues in tissue converting line

Client Andrex came to us experiencing fugitive dust issues within a tissue converting line.  Despite hoods and enclosures included on the original specification the excessive dust was still causing background dust issues.

An insight-led approach

Our first priority was to understand the issue that was causing the dust problem.  Our technical engineers and surveyors set out with the following agenda:

  • Where were the problems?
  • Who was being exposed?
  • How well did the current system handle its requirements?
  • What were the options available to us

Our experience in wet scrubbers and dust meant we could quickly and independently survey and monitor dust levels across the factory environment.  Over 50% of extraction capacity was not being fully optimised at a cost of £27,000 p.a. in wastage.

Concept and design of new system

We recommended a new extraction system, which we developed through concept and design stages, including RFQ documentation.  The new design ensured to both meet production needs but also satisfy all ATEX/DSEAR requirements. Once completed we returned to the site to act as independent consultants on machinery specification and supplier selection for a new embossing toilet roll line.  We developed a request for quotations and defined acceptance testing criteria for units within the new line, before auditing the supply of the new machinery.

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