Gas turbine ventilation system design and install

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE)
Scunthorpe, UK

Leading electricity and gas company

Our gas turbine ventilation system design and install for Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), a leading electricity and gas company, operating mainly in the UK and Ireland was completed at Keadby Power Station, a 720 MWe gas-fired power station near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire.

Design of new duct work systems

Scottish & Southern Energy commissioned FEG to improve their ventilation systems for two power producing gas turbines at Keadby Power Station.

This included designing duct work systems to disperse any gas from the cylinders, provide cooling air, install new fans with improved access and performance.

3D modelling

Both access and space constraints were very difficult and required in-depth design to overcome, including 3D modelling the turbines.


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