Fume Cupboard HEPA Filters



We were initially approached by the Client to undertake an LEV survey of the site to identify problems with the ventilation system and to propose solutions.



Following on from the LEV survey we identified three fume cupboards on site that required new HEPA filters to be installed to eliminate chemical dust particles from being released to atmosphere.

The work in one of the areas required two filter units to be installed into duct work above a false ceiling. New transition sections had to be manufactured and then installed along with the Filter units. Due to the space constraints the Filters protruded below the false ceiling, but this was advantageous as it meant that the filters could be easily accessed to be changed.

The extract system was then re balanced to ensure the correct airflows across the face of both fume cupboards.



The client is now happy that there can be no release of process dust into the local atmosphere and that the filters can be easily monitored and maintained.




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