Flexible dynamic weighing food conveyor systems designed and built to allow for varying product flow levels

2 Sisters Food Group

food conveyor systems

Flexible food conveyor systems required for varying product flows and infeed points

2 Sisters Food Group needed a food conveyor systems installation to transport their potato products from existing line equipment to a new food transfer pump. Within the final process, the UK-based food manufacturer also needed to be able to dynamically weigh the potatoes. It was important that the line was flexible and moveable as it needed to convey products from varying infeed points to the fixed discharge position. The product flow, differing between 2-6 tons per hour depending on specific product, needed to be monitored and logged.

Cantilever and lockable castor features allow for conveyor flexibility

Our FEG engineering team designed, supplied and installed a set of four conveyors with lockable castors, allowing them to be easily moved depending on line requirements. The main conveyor has a cantilever design, with a quick-release tail roller for easy belt removal and an independent middle frame for a built-in dynamic weigh scale.

Between 2 – 6 tons per hour of potatoes products weighed, monitored and logged

The flexible nature of the food conveyor systems allow the 2 Sisters factory team to configure them in 4 or 5 possible orientations to cater for the different product flows. The cantilever design of the dynamic weighing conveyor also allows it to fit around pre-existing production equipment when in one particular orientation.

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