Factory Extension Project With New Cold Store

PK Foods Ltd

PK Foods factory extension and cold store required to increase production capability

As part of an ongoing factory extension project the client required a new outgoing product cold store facility as the existing cold store capacity was no longer adequate.

New cold store

As part of a larger factory extension project undertaken by FEG, this phase of work involved the installation of a new cold store within an adjacent unit. The cold store had to be capable of storing product at -21°C and have access to the dispatch area and the existing production area. The cold store has been designed to fit within a larger work scope but be undertaken as a stand-alone project.



The larger capacity cold store allows for the higher volumes of outgoing product to be stored at the correct temperature and allows the old cold store area to be re purposed as a goods inward chill room, increasing the customers capacity to purchase larger volumes and then hold the incoming product prior to its use.

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