Design and installation of new docking rollers to reduce downtime and wastage

Country Style Foods

Docking roller required

Following a request from the client, FEG designed and fitted a docking roller which pricked sheets of uncooked pastry on the conveyor, a job previously done by hand.

A problem solving approach

We designed a roller that could be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. It worked across the full width of the pastry as was required by the application. However, when a new product was introduced, it was found that due to the holes at the edge, the pastry did not rise properly when cooked.

The design of the original fittings meant it was then a simple job to design and make a second roller, suitable for the new product which could be easily fitted.

Reductions in downtime and wastage

Downtime when removing or changing the rollers is now very low and the pastry edges for the new product rise as required when cooked, significantly reducing wastage.

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