Odour Acridity Issue Solved for Seafood Manufacturer

Whitby Seafoods

Odour acridity issue within high-temperature frying factory environment

Our client Whitby Seafoods had received a notice from the Environment Agency in relation to a complaint for acrid odour in the neighbouring community. The seafood manufacturer required a solution that would both integrate with existing factory processes and solve the odour acridity issue.

Liquid Gas Scrubber Installation

We first analysed the gas/odour emissions and identified particulates, specific to the high-temperature frying process, that a standard scrubber or UV solution would not remove due.

Our flexible and modular multi-stage scrubber system, the Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber (LGC), proved an ideal solution. Unlike other scrubbing solutions, the LGC can cope with both particulates and odour – solving the issue of sticky particulates that are difficult to remove in high temperature frying and cooking facilities.

The flexible nature of the LGC meant we were able to deliver a tailored approach and a cost-effective solution for our client.

As part of the project we also designed and installed a PLC system.

Acridity issue solved

We were able to remove the acridity issue for the client and they could continue production in confidence.

odour acridity issue solved for seafood client

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