project management – your guide to CDM – benefits to you

The CDM Regulations aim to help you ensure that your construction project is safe to build, safe to use, safe to maintain and delivers good value now and into the future.


All involved can contribute if they comply – the benefits to you are:

  • Improved health and safety for all involved with minimised risks
  • More efficient project management with minimal delays
  • Coordination between all parties involved
  • Reduced costs, bureaucracy and paperwork
  • Thorough project management and compliance
  • No legal prosecution or bad publicity due to violations
  • Reduced life costs of the structure

CDM Regulations apply to you as the Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, Designers, Contractors and Workers involved in the construction project.

The CDM 2015 Regulations place legal duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work. Those with legal duties are commonly known as ‘dutyholders’.

FEG Ltd provides skilled and experienced engineers who will provide support for you as the Client as well as support services for Principal Designer and Principal Contractor Roles.

We also offer CDM Consultancy to assist Clients in understanding and applying the CDM Regulations.

On most projects FEG can take on the duty role as the Principal Designer and/or the Principal Contractor on behalf of a Client.