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Odour Control Systems Market Forecasts

In this article we take a look at the increased demand in the odour control system market and the driving force behind it.

Market Outlook 2022-2029

Over recent years, odour control systems have seen a rise in sales due to global industrialisation and the introduction of further environmental control restrictions. Industry front runners include North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

A recent insight report by Future Market Insights into the global odour control market has shown an anticipated growth in demand over the next few years. The report showed that, in 2022, the worldwide odour control system and air pollution market was estimated to be worth $1.19 billion. Increased public demand for positive air quality levels across a diverse range of industries means that this figure is set to rise to $1.57 billion between 2022-2029 – an increase of some 4.7% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate). 

What Role do Odour Control Systems Play?

Odorous compounds are released from many industrial processes, which can not only be unpleasant but sometimes even be harmful. This brings with it risks to both local communities and the employees working within the operating environment. Regulations play an important part in controlling the release of these compounds through setting emission and exposure limits and monitoring them. Odour control systems are a crucial tool in meeting these regulations, and thereby protecting the public and workers, and improving the air quality on which we all rely.

Reasons for Growth in Odour Control Systems

Industrial Growth 

Increased production in industries such as paper & pulp, food, automotive and oil & gas has simply meant a correlated increase in the volume of gases being emitted.  This has increased demand for odour control systems as companies try to mitigate their industrial odours and meet permit regulations.      


The continued rising number of wastewater treatment plans across the globe is another influencing factor in the rise of odour control system sales. Plants of this nature release numerous complicated compounds and unfortunate odours, creating issues for companies and local communities alike. Regulations around wastewater odours are particularly strict and systems must prevent or neutralise odours wherever possible to an industry-safe standard.

New Technology

The introduction of new technology to monitor, neutralise and intercept odorous gases has also meant the introduction of fit-for-purpose solutions in new industrial scenarios.  There is increased interest in mobile and hybrid systems that can detect gases and act as a chemical-adsorption, biological-adsorption or physical-adsorption system, these have expanded the industry demand for odour control products.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Many industries faced difficult times during the pandemic due to lockdown restrictions, supply-chain disruption, consumer spending decreases and worldwide priority changes. As restrictions eased, technologically-innovative industries flourished, with new strategies and market areas taking shape that placed new questions and demands on the odour control industry. This pushed for increased and novel solutions.

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As experts in odour control, we welcome the increased demand and innovation in the odour control market.   We will continue to deliver innovative solutions to support the needs of our customers and their projects.

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