FEG Ltd’s project management expertise has been successfully utilised by one of their food processing clients United Biscuits.

An existing area used as offices and later as a production area and more recently as storage for pallets of unpacked biscuits, the surface needed to be replaced and roof / ceilings needed repairing. The original timber finish had broken up due to water ingress and FLT (fork lift truck) traversing the areas.

The section of the floor to be removed was partitioned off to prevent dust and debris from damaging the product stored while production & packing continued. All the timber was removed from the first storey level, loaded into skips and responsively disposed of.

The concrete floor exposed area was mechanically roughened to allow an appropriate key to allow the multi stage floor system to be applied. Movement joints were built into the floor sections using hygienic material to minimise the risk of the floor being damaged due to fork lift truck traffic.

Because of FEG’s project management of the whole job, production and packing was able to continue uninterrupted over the two week programme. The new floor enables a bigger area to be used for storage and safety was greatly improved with the unevenness of the previous floor eradicated.