nepic – north east of england process industry cluster

FEG Ltd are members of NEPIC – The North East of England Process Industry Cluster.

NEPIC is a stand-alone company, limited by guarantee, which was created and is owned by its member companies to represent the companies and supply chain of the Process Industry in the North East of England region.

NEPIC’s members are Chemical, Petrochemical, Polymer, Specialty Chemical, Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Composites, Bioresources, Biofuels and Renewable Materials and Energy Companies. As well as companies such as FEG Ltd and other organisations in their various supply chains all working in partnership through NEPIC to improve the economic environment in which they operate.

Working through the cluster we aim at improving productivity & efficiency, continuously updating the infrastructure of this industrial locality, informing stakeholders and growing the skills base. By cooperate through the NEPIC Cluster we are helping to promote the regions capabilities as well as the capability of FEG Ltd. All of this work is aimed at the rejuvenation and growth in key hi-tech advanced manufacturing industries while leading them into a lower carbon sustainable future.