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Graham Winstanley

Each month we’re introducing you to a member of our expert team. This month is the turn of Project Manager Graham Winstanley, who plays a crucial role in driving forward the project life cycle to bring process efficiency and the best results for our clients.

graham winstanley feg

What is your background and how did you end up at FEG?

My career has been quite varied. I started as an apprentice electrician and went on to work in engineering roles in plastics and tobacco. I had a change in direction and relocated to Spain, where managed a bar/restaurant in Mallorca.

When I returned to the UK I got back into engineering, including working at Nissan on the Qashqai body shop line. My previous role at industrial machinery installation provider Beck & Pollitzer was almost seven days a week, including working all bank holidays! I’ve been at FEG since 2014, working across the automotive, manufacturing, food and paper industries in particular.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My time is typically split 50/50 between the office and being out in the field but a typical day is completely dependant on the role I’m playing in the current project.

For example, on a recent project building a warehouse in Berwick, I spent a lot of time liaising face to face with contractors, carrying out health and safety inductions, planning and executing works, supervising works to ensure the project was complying with H&S regulations and the project specifications and formalising paperwork and drawings with contractors to name a few!

I enjoy having the opportunity to work with other companies and contractors - it's great to be able to build friendships and strong bonds with them.

Graham Winstanley
Project Manager

How does FEG differ from other places you’ve worked?

The level of accountability at FEG is different. I have a significant level of responsibility for my projects and a higher level of autonomy, which means my role is more all-encompassing and varied. In other words, the buck stops with me and it’s up to me to ensure the project goes well.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I value having the autonomy to just get on and do the job. I also enjoy the opportunities to work with other companies and contractors – it’s great to be able to build friendships and strong bonds with them.

What’s a recent project you’ve been proud of? 

We have just completed a fantastic warehouse construction project in Berwick.

The project initially posed a challenge as the site was both difficult to access and had several unknown quantities we needed to find solutions for.

We discovered a rather large 11kv cable going across the site which meant a reduction in size of the building and another 415lv cable that required re-routing. We had to liaise extensively with Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) and the client to carry out this work.

The project was further complicated by difficult access needs, which meant we required additional support for a large crane lift to erect steel and cladding, however we also faced issues with the close proximity to other buildings, and a large retaining wall had to be built as a result.

Despite all the challenges, we still managed to complete the project on budget, albeit with a slightly extended installation plan, and the client was very happy with the result.

The client was previously paying high off-site storage and shunting costs, so the new warehousing facility will effectively pay for itself in a little over two years.  

Selected Projects Carousel

mcvities flood3

McVitie’s site restored and at full production 6 months after flooding

FEG Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractor to get a flooded McVitie’s biscuit factory back up and running at the earliest opportunity.

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Organic Production Facility for Mcvitie’s

We were commissioned by McVitie’s to project manage a new ingredients feed and mixing system for a start-up organic facility.  At a value of £1m the project included our operating under full CDM duty holder responsibilities. 

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essentia odour control ventilation

Industrial odour Issue solved for high temperature frying factory environment

Our client Essentia came to us after having received an environmental notice for an industrial odour issue from its proteins frying factory. Our experience showed us that a typical combination of scrubbers would not be adequate for this project, given the variation in contaminants that had to be removed from the air. 

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Odour Acridity Issue Solved for Seafood Manufacturer

Our team of odour experts worked to develop a new liquid gas scrubber* solution that worked in a 3-stage process to remove all composites from the gas.

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Flexible dynamic weighing food conveyor systems designed and built to allow for varying product flow levels

2 Sisters Food Group needed a food conveyor systems installation to transport their potato products from existing line equipment to a new food transfer pump. Within the final process, the UK-based food manufacturer also needed to be able to dynamically weigh the potatoes.

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Picture 015

£650k CDM large capacity flour silo installation

FEG were commissioned by GM in the UK to Project Manage a £650K cost saving project under CDM to install larger capacity flour silos and batch weighing facility.

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Picture 10

Factory Extension Project With New Cold Store

As part of an ongoing factory extension project the client required a new outgoing product cold store facility as the existing cold store capacity was no longer adequate.

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Picture 12

Reinforce Safety and Security for Food Production

This McVities site had applied for AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accreditation and part of that accreditation was “Reinforce Safety and Security”. The factory’s perimeter fence was identified as being in poor condition and in need of redesign and renewal.

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New seed cleaning plant design and installation

We supported our client Silvery Tweed Cereals in the design and installation of a new seed cleaning plant at its Berwick-Upon-Tweed headquarters.

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Design and installation of new docking rollers to reduce downtime and wastage

We designed a docking roller system to reduce wastage and downtime for this baked foods manufacturer.

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Conveyor system project

Designing a conveyor system for new pizza line that maximises existing equipment

Our expert team of engineers designed and installed a conveyor system for a new pizza line that maximised the use of existing equipment.

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£3.8m turnkey high capacity pastry production line project

We were commissioned by General Mills to undertake a £3.8m project to install a new high capacity frozen pastry production line, from feasibility to hand-over.

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