Meet the Team:
Anthony Preston

In our latest news post we would like to introduce you to the latest member of the FEG Global team, Anthony Preston.  Anthony is a real asset to our Engineering Projects department and we took some time to talk to him about his path to joining FEG Global and his aims for the role.

Meet the team - Anthony Preston

Tell us a bit about your background and your reasons for joining FEG Global

My engineering career has been mainly focused in Automotive Manufacturing, starting with a year’s placement as a Maintenance Engineering Student in a tier-1 supplier to North East car manufacturer, Nissan.  The year’s placement extended to a further 4 years working within this company environment, covering roles in various departments including New Product Introduction, where I was responsible for new equipment installation to upscale, refurbish and replace production lines. 


Towards the end of my last project I felt the time was right to apply my engineering expertise in wider environments.  FEG Global offers the perfect balance of technical expertise and client project management, where you are able to work closely with teams to enable them to make real-time improvements to their production lines and manufacturing facilities.  It is seeing these results and being part of the team that made it happen that drives me to work in engineering, so FEG Global is the perfect fit.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

FEG Global is very client-focused – all of the team are clearly passionate about achieving results within their project.  This is a really exciting environment to be part of and means that you are able to integrate yourself into the client project team as much as is feasible.  From day to day I am therefore lucky enough to have huge variety in what I do.  One day I could be working in the office, developing drawings and specifications.  The next day I could be working on site, assisting in installations, commissions or testing.  This really means that you are able to be a partner to your client, rather than just a service.

What made you want to work for FEG Global?

A multitude of factors drove me to join FEG Global.  The type of work they do really interests me, the variation and flexibility of the work is something I thrive on.

Once I had met the senior management team, the friendly and collaborative environment of the company really shone through, which was a big positive. I feel like FEG Global is a good place for a younger engineer such as myself to gain some valuable experience and be well supported in their development through focus on expertise and excellence that is evident throughout the company.

The satisfaction of delivering a project and seeing it fully realised to fulfil client objectives is the reason why we all do this.

Anthony Preston
Project Engineer

What are you looking forward to most about your role?

The satisfaction of delivering a project and seeing it fully realised to fulfil client objectives is the reason why we all do this.  To see the difference that’s been made and be able to say you’ve played a vital role in ensuring a happy client at the end of a project is always rewarding!

Selected Projects Carousel


Organic Production Facility for Mcvitie’s

We were commissioned by McVitie’s to project manage a new ingredients feed and mixing system for a start-up organic facility.  At a value of £1m the project included our operating under full CDM duty holder responsibilities. 

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essentia odour control ventilation

Industrial odour Issue solved for high temperature frying factory environment

Our client Essentia came to us after having received an environmental notice for an industrial odour issue from its proteins frying factory. Our experience showed us that a typical combination of scrubbers would not be adequate for this project, given the variation in contaminants that had to be removed from the air. 

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Odour Acridity Issue Solved for Seafood Manufacturer

Our team of odour experts worked to develop a new liquid gas scrubber* solution that worked in a 3-stage process to remove all composites from the gas.

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Flexible dynamic weighing food conveyor systems designed and built to allow for varying product flow levels

2 Sisters Food Group needed a food conveyor systems installation to transport their potato products from existing line equipment to a new food transfer pump. Within the final process, the UK-based food manufacturer also needed to be able to dynamically weigh the potatoes.

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Picture 015

£650k CDM large capacity flour silo installation

FEG were commissioned by GM in the UK to Project Manage a £650K cost saving project under CDM to install larger capacity flour silos and batch weighing facility.

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mcvities flood3

McVitie’s site restored and at full production 6 months after flooding

FEG Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractor to get a flooded McVitie’s biscuit factory back up and running at the earliest opportunity.

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Picture 10

Factory Extension Project With New Cold Store

As part of an ongoing factory extension project the client required a new outgoing product cold store facility as the existing cold store capacity was no longer adequate.

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Picture 12

Reinforce Safety and Security for Food Production

This McVities site had applied for AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accreditation and part of that accreditation was “Reinforce Safety and Security”. The factory’s perimeter fence was identified as being in poor condition and in need of redesign and renewal.

View more

New seed cleaning plant design and installation

We supported our client Silvery Tweed Cereals in the design and installation of a new seed cleaning plant at its Berwick-Upon-Tweed headquarters.

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Design and installation of new docking rollers to reduce downtime and wastage

We designed a docking roller system to reduce wastage and downtime for this baked foods manufacturer.

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Conveyor system project

Designing a conveyor system for new pizza line that maximises existing equipment

Our expert team of engineers designed and installed a conveyor system for a new pizza line that maximised the use of existing equipment.

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£3.8m turnkey high capacity pastry production line project

We were commissioned by General Mills to undertake a £3.8m project to install a new high capacity frozen pastry production line, from feasibility to hand-over.

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