FEG heat recovery systems are designed to recover and re-use waste heat and reduce your organisation’s energy consumption.

A recent project commissioned by one of the world leading tissue manufacturers involved recovery of waste heat from compressors and heat various areas of the factory was awarded to FEG, a specialist in Design & Build, Project Management and Consultancy for industrial, manufacturing and process industries. The project included Design, Supply, Install, Site Supervision, and Commissioning of a Turnkey Project.

The client requirements for the project included the need for the installation to be completed without affecting the compressor uptime as this would directly impacted on production. Because of the skills and expertise delivered by FEG this was accomplished.

I addition to the project management of the installation FEG also carried out site management, control of contractors, budget management and programme control.

With a rapid payback in under 2 years, FEG’s solution embraced their company ethos of ‘clarity through simplicity, their clients problems were solved for a new plant, the making of energy savings and a rapid payback with minimum disruption to production.

FEG waste heat recovery systems offer an effective and efficient way of saving money on energy and reusing the waste heat in a variety of manufacturing, process and industrial applications.

FEG waste heat recovery systems can be used with:

  • Ventilation system extracts
  • Boiler flue gases
  • Boiler blowdown
  • Air compressors
  • Refrigeration plant
  • High temperature exhaust gas streams from furnaces, kilns, ovens and dryers
  • Hot liquid effluents
  • Power generation plant
  • Process plant cooling systems

For more information about FEG heat recovery systems please contact FEG.