Due to new CE Marking legislation, from July 1st 2014, manufactured structural metal components or kits used in civil engineering for manufacturing and process plants must now comply with CE Marking requirements.

With this problem in focus FEG Ltd are expanding their CE Marking services to include structural metal components. FEG already provide CE Marking for individual machines and assemblies of machines as
found in production lines. This new legislation now requires companies building new facilities or refurbishing existing production facilities to take into consideration this new legal requirement for CE Marking.

As part of FEG’s ‘we solve problems’ service, during a CE Marking project they consider the Basic Requirements for Construction work including: mechanical resistance and stability, safety in case of fire, hygiene, health and the environment, safety, accessibility in use and protection against noise. Added to this are energy economy, heat retention and sustainable use of natural resources further adding to the burden of responsibility on manufacturers.

FEG’s skilled engineers will undertake CE Marking for existing or new plant, machinery and structures and assist companies with these essential matters that would normally involve the use of already stretched in-house resources.