With recent changes in the Construction (Design and Management) [CDM] Regulations for 2015; companies undertaking construction projects now need to appoint a Principal Designer and the Client now has more responsibility.

The Client role is one of governance and they are required to ensure the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor perform their duties under CDM.

This is where FEG Ltd can assist clients with support from the start of a project to completion: a Cradle-to-Grave methodology. Under the role of Principal Designer FEG Ltd include the planning, management, monitoring of the project and coordination of matters relating to health and safety at the pre-construction phase.

The Principal Designer must have technical knowledge of the construction relevant to the projects, be involved in the decision process and ensure all other designers fulfil their obligations.

FEG Ltd’s unrivalled combination of skills and experience in Design, Project Management and CDM Regulations ensure Clients are given the best advice and support to deliver their projects.