air pollution control & ventilation – local exhaust ventilation survey & testing

LEV is a ventilation system that removes potentially hazardous contaminants such as airborne particulate matter, dusts, mists, gases, vapour or fumes out of the air so that they cannot be breathed in thus safeguarding workers health.

lev-surveys-001Airborne particles, if breathed in at work, can significantly contribute to lung disease and asthma. Sources of contaminants are varied and numerous in work areas where dust from food ingredients, mists, sprays and vapour from solvents in painting system, fumes from welding and engineering processes, gases such as carbon monoxide from furnaces and heating processes are all potential sources. These processes need well designed, installed, maintained and regularly checked LEV systems in place to protect people in the workplace and adjacent areas.

There is a legal requirement that says companies must comply under law and control the risks from these potentially hazardous substances to ensure that they are controlling the operator’s exposure. This is covered by the Health and Safety at Work act, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

The problem…
Many companies buy Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems to protect workers’ health which often do not work because they are too old, are the wrong type or because of not being properly installed, used or maintained.

lev-surveys-002The solution…
FEG offer consultancy, design, supply and installation of LEV as well as turnkey project management to solve ventilation, dust, fume, gas or vapour extraction problems which incorporate high efficiency energy management.

Our wealth of experience enables us to provide LEV Systems, Surveys and Reports for a wide range of industrial ventilation applications including the supply and exhaust ventilation to control emissions, exposures, and chemical hazards in the workplace. We design in accordance with the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), a world renowned authority, which is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

LEV Survey & Reports
FEG provide the highest standard LEV and condition surveys as well as comprehensive reports that will contribute genuine design improvements and better information on existing systems or the need for LEV systems.

We ensure that all LEV Surveys & Reports are carried out in accordance with HSE
COSHH guidelines.

How can FEG help you?
As an employer you have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees. The law says that a record of the thorough examination and test should be kept for each LEV installation. FEG are extremely competent in providing standard LEV and condition surveys and reports, and have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. The examination and subsequent report will provide the owner of the equipment with the confidence that their LEV system is operating correctly and that they comply with their legal requirements, or clearly details the improvements which need to be made.

It is recommended that thorough examination and testing is carried out at least every 14 months. As each LEV system is different FEG provide a thorough custom examination and testing service for each LEV installation.

Examination and testing requires a LEV user manual, logbook for regular maintenance/checks and a full commissioning report as specified by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommendations. If these are not available, as FEG are experienced in the design and installation of LEV systems, we can assess against good design criteria and make recommendations accordingly. If necessary we can then carry out further tests and provide the required documentation for compliance and testing in the future.

lev-surveys-003What does a LEV test involve?
When completing a LEV test on your system skilled FEG engineers will collect all of the information required by HSE recommendations HSG258. At an initial visit to your site we will collect information about each of your LEV installations. Testing is carried out to measure air velocities and take pressures at different points in your system. We will also carry out a visual test; this will take the form of either a dust lamp or smoke release test depending on the type of LEV system. Each part of the system will be issued with a pass or fail sticker fitted in the HSE recommended location so it is clearly visible by the operator.

On completion you will receive a report with all of the relevant information about your LEV system/s to be stored in your Health and Safety records.

LEV Reports
The FEG report details that a LEV system is performing as originally intended and contributing to the adequate control of exposure to airborne contaminants, and where it isn’t, FEG will provide advice on the adjustments or repairs necessary for it to do so. If required, FEG will provide a free quotation for any work and our skilled engineering team can then implement necessary repairs, a re-design or install a new system.

FEG are skilled in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems. Not being allied to one LEV systems manufacturer, FEG ensures that we provide you with the best independent solution for your needs.

As well as LEV, FEG also provide:

  • Dust in Air Surveys
  • Noise Surveys
  • Worker Comfort Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Extraction Hoods
  • Heat Stratification
  • Modification of Existing Dust Filters
  • New Dust Extraction Systems
  • Odour Abatement Technology
  • Gas Scrubbing
  • Ductwork Modifications & Systems
  • Heat Wheels & Absorption Technology