air pollution control & ventilation – continuous emissions monitoring

emissions-monitoringContinuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) systems are available from FEG Ltd to monitor emissions from a wide range of equipment and processes:

  • Gas Turbines
  • Industrial and Commercial Boilers
  • Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat Systems
  • Process Heaters and Fluidized Catalytic Crackers (FCC) used in Refining
  • Power and Process Recovery Boilers used in the Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Waste Incineration Plants
  • Cement Manufacturing Facilities
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Wherever Flue Gas Emissions take place…

Typical Continuous Emissions Monitoring includes: sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen chloride (HCl), airborne particulate matter (PM), mercury (Hg), total organic carbon (TOC), volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and oxygen (O2). CEM systems can also measure air flow, flue gas opacity and moisture.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

FEG LTD will provide, install and maintain the Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) equipment and expertise to sample, condition, calibrate, monitor and report on flue gas emissions.

This includes:

  • Sample Collection and Conditioning
  • Sample Gas Analysis
  • Data Acquisition, Reporting and System Control

FEG will also identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations for areas of significant energy consumption and can carry out Energy Improvement Projects.