paper & pulp

The paper and pulp industry use wood (often from sustainable resources) as a raw material to produce pulp, paper, board and other cellulose based products.

Although operating in a low margin manufacturing sector, the paper and pulp industry produce large volumes of high quality materials that need to be repeatedly made to rigorous specifications. Product quality and manufacturing costs are key factors in production facilities paper and pulp.

FEG Ltd provides Design & Build, Project Management and Consultancy for the paper and pulp industry. With production processes involving the use of large amounts of water as well as energy to produce heat and steam there is a need to recover waste energy and convert it into re-useable heat and electricity.

To handle projects in the paper and pulp industry FEG Ltd offers:

  • Site Based Project Engineers
  • Site Based Project Managers
  • Project Specific Management Team
  • Site Supervisors

FEG engineers and project managers understand that the viability of a technology or product in the paper and pulp industry is dependent upon a client’s operating parameters and demands, therefore suitability will change accordingly from site to site.