oil & gas

The oil and gas sector includes the oil and gas exploration, extraction industry as well as petroleum refining. Against a trend of declining resources, fluctuation prices and demanding production environments for oil and gas production there is demand for improved return on investment.

FEG Ltd are specialists in providing sustainable and waste heat to energy systems as well as energy savings opportunities.

We provide skills and expertise for:

  • Combined Project Team
  • Skilled Engineers & Designers
  • Electrical & Control Systems
  • Process System Design
  • Mechanical 2 & 3D Design
  • Structural & Air Pollution Control
  • Totally Independent Advice
  • ‘Cradle to Grave’ Service
  • Flexible to Suit Client Scope

FEG works closely with clients in the oil and gas sector to provide Project Management and Consultancy. Customers can be assured of the very best realisation of their needs now and for a productive future.