FEG are currently working on a food preparation site in Cumbria, undertaking the role of Principal Contractor under CDM2015 regulations for the site works.

This covers the building works, the installation of a new production line and the supporting M&E packages.

FEG also:

• Liaise with all duty holders and promotes good communication.

• Plan the construction phase and engages with the client’s staff.

• Prepare and maintain the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan based on the Pre-Construction         Information Pack from the Principal Designer.

• Ensure the welfare facilities are sufficient and suitable.

• Ensure all those working on the site are given an appropriate induction.

• Ensure the site is secure and provides appropriate controls for all entering the site.

• Conduct regular site audits, monitoring the site risks and condition of temporary works.

• Check the competence of contractors and workers on the site.

• Ensure supervision and management on site is appropriate and sufficient.

• Contribute to the Health & Safety File prepared by the Principal Designer

This is just one of the services that FEG can provide. For further information visit www.feg-global.com, contact us via email – info@feg-global.com or call 0191 4171479