Application: Docking Roller

Following a request from the Client, a docking roller to be used to prick sheets of uncooked pastry on the conveyor was designed and manufactured to cover the full width of the sheet. This was as required for existing products, but the introduction of a new product required something different. If pastry sheets pricked with the existing roller were used, then some of the holes prevented the pastry from rising along the edges when cooked.

To overcome this, another roller was designed and manufactured to suit the requirements for the new products.

Our Engineer had the foresight to design the original roller with a simple and easy way for it to be mounted and dismounted. This would be a great advantage when changing docking rollers or removing them for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The Client has benefitted as downtime when removing or changing the rollers is very low and the pastry edges for the new product rise as required when cooked thus significantly reducing wastage. This is another example of how FEG staff looked at the broader picture, applied their knowledge and included future proofing into the design, satisfying the Client.