air pollution control & ventilation

flue-gas-analysis-01Problems with dust, ventilation & filtration are common in a wide range of applications and processes in industries such as food, breakfast cereals, tea and biscuit manufacture, power generation, cement, chemical, paper/tissue, insulation materials, product, automotive and equipment manufacture as well as research and laboratory applications. Product quality, environmental concerns and the health and wellbeing of employees working in these areas is paramount.

FEG specialise in solving Dust Extraction, Ventilation & Filtration problems that others find too difficult. We offer a range of solutions from consultancy and design to full turnkey packages. We are not tied to any particular supplier or manufacturer, therefore we can offer a solution or design that best suits the application rather than be limited to a product range.

We design in accordance with the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), a world renowned authority, which is recognised by the HSE. Applications include heating and cooling, worker comfort, particulate filtration and gas scrubbing. FEG can provide standard LEV and condition surveys as well as contribute to design improvements.

Dust Extraction – FEG offer a full design, planning, installation and commissioning service, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution from contaminant source to safe and efficient extraction. This includes Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems that have an effective hood design, ductwork systems and heat recovery and recirculation systems.

Ventilation – FEG ventilation systems are designed to improve the work place environment thus helping to improve product quality and the comfort of employees. FEG ventilation systems have been applied where there is a presence of heat, fumes or humidity, or where there is a requirement for make-up to compensate for extraction systems.

Filtration – FEG offer filtration technologies including: bag filters, cartridge filters, electrostatic precipitators, wet collectors, cyclones, venturi scrubbers and abatement technologies. These can be applied to processes that emit airborne particulates, fumes, vapours or odours. These include potentially explosive atmospheres covered by the ATEX directive.

FEG air pollution control & ventilation solutions include:

  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Extraction Hoods
  • Heat Stratification
  • Modification of Existing Dust Filters
  • New Dust Extraction Systems
  • Odour Abatement Technology
  • Gas Scrubbing
  • Ductwork Modifications & Systems
  • Heat Wheels & Absorption Technology
  • LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Systems
  • Dust in Air & LEV Surveys
  • Noise Surveys
  • Worker Comfort Surveys
  • Condition Surveys